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Are your products vegan?

Yes, everything from That Charming Shop is 100% vegan.

Are your products tested on animals?

Everything from That Charming Shop is 100% cruelty free. Additionally, we do not sell items to countries requiring animal testing prior to selling to the public.

Can you create a bespoke scent, candle, soap... etc?

We can create bespoke orders (minimum order quantities apply). Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Can I use your products or photos in our gifts boxes for sale, or product photography, or publication? 

All products are for personal and non-commercial use only. While we do offer wholesale to eligible applicants we do not offer the rights to our name, logo, brand, photography, or intellectual property, neither fully nor partially, to brand our customers’ businesses. All rights are reserved. 

Do your products contain palm oil?

That Charming Shop uses sustainable palm oil with RSPO certification exclusively. In addition to adherence to a strict and extensive list of criteria, suppliers must not clear primary forests, areas which contain significant concentrations of biodiversity or endangered species, fragile ecosystems, and local peoples' land to be certified through the RSPO.

Can I use your products with my medical condition?

As with all new skincare products, try a small area first to see if any allergic reactions or breakouts occur. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Products external use only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or replace the advice of professionals. If you are pregnant, please seek medical advice before using our products. If you have any allergies/questions, please contact us prior to purchase. Please note that all products are made on the same location. All products have undergone a safety assessment and have been certified, as required by UK/EU law.